The Next Wave

The Next Wave Festival is the signature program of BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music. With a line-up of emerging artists and innovative modern masters, the festival features contemporary performances, avant-garde music, theatre, opera and dance. It has been described as adventurous art for adventurous audiences.

Created for a student assignment, the speculative 2019 festival program is printed entirely on translucent vellum based on the idea of experiencing what comes next, with a subtle nod to the multi-layered nature of each narrative.

The program cover, printed on translucent frosted mylar, is a tribute to the rich history of the festival as well as the bold, raw and audacious energy that the festival has come to be known for. A wave of text encircles the entirety of the cover, subverting expectations and exhibiting the story with pride.

The cover above held 11 booklets: 10 for each performance, and an Introduction. The latter contained information about the festival as a whole and a table of contents, much of it Risograph-printed gold onto vellum.

Individual booklets were designed for the 10 events. Each was subtly adapted to suit the content and mood of its event, in addition to text and image interacting on and between the translucent pages.

Editorial Design    ·    2019    ·    MICA    ·    Mentored by Jennifer Cole Phillips    ·    ADC Young Ones Silver Cube 2021    ·   STA 100 Winner 2020    ·