Alive: ④Transcending

Truth cannot be learnt; it must be experienced.

In a world of atheism and nihilism, something lost in the process is our feelings of awe, wonder and reverence at the beauty (and existence) of the world, towards something bigger, the Ultimate, the cause of it all, whatever it may be. This was all previously a function that religion fulfilled.

Pilgrimage was created as a response to this. An immersive experience; an interactive, online sacred space; a shrine to the infinite. During the height of the pandemic when spaces were closed and we were restricted to home, Pilgrimage was created virtually as a revival of these grounding sensations, to actively meditate, lose ourselves to the nothingness, and transcend.

Designed by studying religious structures, attempting to inculcate elements of symmetry, order, harmony, rhythm and symbolism. Conceptually, the space begins in a forest, on a sea of chaos, and transitions gradually towards perfect order, passing through a zen garden (tamed chaos, home of the flow state) and a temple in the mountains (pure order, hypnotic) only to reach the shrine at the end that cannot be crossed; a place where we might only get a glimpse of what lies Beyond, but — like Ultimate Truth — we can never get there.

The pilgrimage must be experienced in full. Please click here to embark. Desktop only.

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