Experiments with Type


Playing around with typography, since 2017.

Home as Numbers • Motion-graphics piece on how our random, abstract numbers are imprinted in the mind.

Shy Ampersand 

& and & • Caslon Italic & + Garamond &

TypeWaves • 🔠🌊 


Overheard •  Information visualisation piece on overheard conversations

The ABC's of Processing • Quick experiments while learning Processing.

Someday, Far in the Future • Of people's perceived inadequaciaes in themselves and their yearning to attain their goals. Someday.🔊

36 Days of Type, 2017 • Experiments with Dimension and Time while learning Cinema 4D.

Show & Tell 22 • Made at Codesign, India

Limeroad Logo Animation • Made at Codesign, India