Experiments with Type

Machine-Learning & Type

I trained a StyleGan2-ADA model on letters from ~7,000 fonts I had installed on my system. Once trained, I generated interpolated loops between the results; from upper to lower case, bold to italic, thick to thin, narrow to wide.

馃攰 For the audio-reactive type, the type interpolates in different ways to the rhythm of the music. Turn the volume up on the video player below for a type dance party! 馃攰

For the 'Beyond' piece, I went a step further and used BigBiGan, a model that finds similar images based on the input, to create readable-yet-unrecognisable typography.

Generative Type

Created for a Generative Type class while learning p5.js; a mini-series exploring ways of creating each letter while simultaneously picking up new tools and concepts. 

A 路 Mathematical Rose

B 路 Random Walkers

C路 Gravitational Attraction

D 路 Sin Waves 1

E 路 Sin Waves 2

F 路 Coding in 3D

Poster created in collaboration with Shivani Parasnis, using her thesis typeface Naranja

Home as Numbers

Motion-graphics triptych on how a random, abstract house numbers gets imprinted in the mind. Each of the 4 numbers corresponds to memories from a home I once had; to a different chapter of my life. 

The Curves

Lettering, drawings, models; working them bezier curves.

Shy Ampersand 

& and & 鈥 Caslon Italic + Garamond ampersands


Free Will 路 Lettering

Typeface Design

Apollonian is a harmonic serif typeface.
In a postmodern world where beauty and harmony are overlooked in favour of the new and experimental, Apollonian, named after the greek god of light, heralds a return to traditional values of order and restraint. A text typeface, it is designed to gently illuminate a body of text without drawing too much attention to itself.


Type Portrait

A basic Type 101 assignment, but I enjoyed what was essentially painting with type. Using one single size of Sharp Grotesk, I moved between narrow and light to wide and heavy to create different tones of grey.